A Good All-Round Action Binocular by Nikon

Nikon Action 7-15×35 Zoom Binocular

May son asked about his binoculars, a low-cost binocular by Nikon for a very reasonable

price. I told him that if Nikon makes it, it is good. We plan to go to Alaska in August, two of my sons, my brother, my grandson and my son’s brother-in-law. These binoculars will be perfect for what my son will want to do. He is a birder like me but he also is going to want to look up at Mount McKinleyr and across the water. Also, Alaska has lots of animals to look at.

I am going to take only one pair of binoculars. I have many to choose from. Some are very high power for star gazing. But I will be taking a pair very similar to these.

I have a pair of binoculars in my art studio so I can look out at the birds, but they are of lower  quality than these Nikon binoculars for general use.

And I plan to take only one camera, one with a telescopic lens.

I’m getting excited.


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